. The Plan
    . Douchette
    . Your Imaginary World
    . Arce
    . Maccarè
    . Leak
    . Alvito
    . Hindsight
    . Capitan Ambiente
    . Bartolo
    . Deconstruction
    . Desert Force Syndicate
    . Distometer
    . Am Ex Proposal
    . Bambino Gesù
    . Dolomiti
    . Love Machine
    . We Came From The Sky
    . Nicodemo
    . Hopfrog Films
    . Black Roch

    Mltfnk offers a series of graphic design and illustration services for entertainment, advertisement and information.
    Mltfnk is Milena Fantozzi, graduate architect and designer, class 1989, based in Rome.


. Maccarè

Emilia Romana - Maccarè

        Illustrated logo for Maccarè (fka Emilia Romana), a pizzeria and restaurant close to the Fregene beach (Italy).

        The logo features a stylized sandcastle, in the shape of San Giorgio's manor in Maccarese.