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Isola del Liri
Dario Germani, 2021
Cover artwork and vinyl packaging design for "Isola del Liri - A Suite for an Island on a River", by Dario Germani and Simone de Angelis (Music by Alvin Batiste).
    On 1997, jazz musician Alvin Batiste presented in Isola del Liri, in front of the mayor and a delegation from New Orleans, the namesake song as a tribute to the town. Nonetheless, this piece remains unknown.

"Some things just don't catch on. I got to know it by chance"

The cover art depicts a group of objects randomly arranged on a monochrome background. The objects are rocks, or diamonds, or teardrops, or something in between.
They symbolize gratitude and a memory, and the melancholic stillness of the "Island on a River", and its forgetful nature. The low contrasting blue and grey are interchangeable: grey rocks down a river / blue drops against a dull sky.
   To ensure a controlled randomness of the composition, I used chestnut shells that I gently tossed on a piece of paper. After taking some pictures, we discussed so as to find the one that better captured the movement and feeling we were looking for.
    Below you can find some steps of the process, and the final work.