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Fare To Serve
Personal / a.k.a. Milena Medu
Cover artwork for "Fare To Serve", a single by Milena Medu.
    The hand of the artist holds - and is compenetrated by - a ticket-like element, signalling "permission". This means permission to act, permission to be, permission to access a certain place. Having paid for something means also expecting it to happen no matter what. This represents the entitlement and detachment that comes by the exchange of currency. Once a transaction is made, the unforeseeable is relegated into a remote, quasi non-existent concept, and any compassion, empathy, and understanding for special circumstances and human feelings like fear, hesitancy and repulsion are lost.
    By squinting one's eyes, the ticket now fades into the background, leaving center stage for the empty hand, making the gesture for money.