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Accademia delle Arti Erboristiche
Academia delle Arti Erboristiche, 2021
Logo redesign for "Accademia delle Arti Erboristiche", a Herbal Medicine School in Rome.
    The original logo was quite beautiful, though a bit dated. We wanted to keep the illustrated look and the two main elements (the open book and the plant) while stirring up the composition a bit. We found the oval shape to best encompass the two elements stacked vertically - this time the plant would come alive from the open book instead of just laying on the spread page.
    Instead of depicting a generic branch, a brainstorming ensued to find a plant that could best symbolize the school's vision. After much thought, the plane tree (Platanus) was chosen to symbolize commitment to knowledge, healing and nature, as it is associated with Hippocrates, the father of medicine.
    Below you can see a visualization of the thought process: the former logo, some inspiration and references, a preliminary sketch, plane tree branches and leaves, geometric construction and the final work.